Iridium 2008 April Release (v2008.4.14.425)

Iteration 14 of Math.NET Iridium (Numerics) is now available, as 2008 April Release with Version 2008.4.14.425. Grab it here.

Sorry for the very short release cycle (just one week after iteration 12). The reason is that I won't be able to work on Math.NET for the next three weeks and that some of the fixes and changes are important enough to not let you wait three weeks for no reason.

Please continue reporting issues and bugs you find, it's very useful and helps making the whole project better. There's also a big chance that the issue will actually be fixed: in the last few releases we always managed to fix all bugs we were aware of at that point. Thanks!

Team: Christoph Rüegg, Joannès Vermorel, Matthew Kitchin


  • Bugs: All known 3 bugs have been fixed.
  • Better special function precision (Gamma, Beta, Erf, Distributions etc): now up to 12 - 14 digits.
  • New direct/real gamma function, new harmonic number function.
  • Interpolation: usability enhancements (better double-array support, less user code)

New Features

  • IRID-122: Core - New direct Gamma function (additional to GammaLn) with negative value support
  • IRID-123: Core - New Special Function: Harmonic Numbers


  • IRID-121: Core - Better numerical precision for Gamma function
  • IRID-125: Interpolation - Additional interpolation and sample list constructors for double arrays.
  • IRID-126: Interpolation - Better interpolation order access and defaults

Fixed Bugs

  • IRID-119: Interpolation - Polynomial Extrapolation in positive direction throws IndexOutOfRangeException
  • IRID-120: Linear Algebra - Infinite recursion
  • IRID-124: Linear Algebra - Matrix.CopyToArray - wrong indexer in inner loop condition.