Iridium 2008 August Release (2008.8.16.470)

Iteration 16 of Math.NET Iridium (Numerics) is now available, as 2008 August Release with Version 2008.8.16.470.

Please continue reporting issues and bugs you find, it's very useful and helps to make the whole project better.

Team: Christoph Rüegg, Joannès Vermorel, Matthew Kitchin


  • Bugs: 4 bugs have been fixed.
  • Completely revised and extended interpolation toolkit.
  • New complex matrix and vector type (Complex Linear Algebra will follow in the next iteration).
  • Slightly enhanced real matrix and vector types.
  • QR decompositions are now unique (positive real R diagonal).
  • Complex type now has a public constructor, more intuitive.
  • New Digamma (Psi) special function.
  • Various other small changes.

(Migrated Comments)

Joannes Vermorel, August 14, 2008

Thanks for this good work. I have also noticed that you've posted the release on Sourceforge.Net. This is really a nice thing to do (so far, I have always found Sourceforge to be a top notch backup provider :-)

Christoph Ruegg, August 14, 2008

Thanks. Yes, indeed, the SourceForge mirror infrastructure is unbeatable :)