Iridium 2008 February Release (v2008.2.10.364)

Iteration 10 of Math.NET Iridium (Numeric) is now available, as 2008 February Release with Version 2008.2.10.364.

This is mostly a service release.

  • Bugs: All known bugs have been fixed.
  • Performance: The linear algebra implementation has been optimized, resulting in nearly 50% perf gain.
  • Api References: Inline Xml Documentation has been improved (but is still far from where we'd like it to be).
  • Security: The released binaries now have a strong name, are locked down with code access security and allow partial trusted callers. We now use test-signing internally. Also, the official assemblies are now signed with a certificate.
  • Build/Release Integration: We now moved completely to custom msbuild targets, releases are now fully automated (incl. documentation generation) and the continuous integration system has been upgraded. Since releasing is now much easier, you can expect new releases more often.

At the same time I also released a first version of Math.NET Neodym (Signal Processing), Iteration 2 what makes it Version 2008.2.2.364. Hopefully I'll have more time in the future to work on Neodym...

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J.Henkel, February 6, 2008

Excellent. Time to play a bit...

Out of curiosity, Chris, are you planning to release a build of Yttrium any time soon? I've been playing around with a copy from svn, and just reading through the test files makes me want to play with a compiling version (mine is old...keeps looking for MathNet.Numerics.Fn.PowInt).