Iridium 2008 March Release (v2008.3.12.405)

Iteration 12 of Math.NET Iridium (Numerics) is now available, as 2008 March Release with Version 2008.3.12.405.

Team: Christoph Rüegg, Joannès Vermorel, Matthew Kitchin
New Contributions: Mike Shugai


  • Bugs: All known 3 bugs have been fixed.
  • Linear Algera: Matrix Kronecker product, new Vector class, performance work (caching).
  • Core: New Sinc function, Neper/Decibel ratio routines.
  • Probability Distributions: New distributions: Student's T-Distribution, F-Distribution, Skew-Alpha Stable Distribution.
  • Assemblies no longer signed with a certificate (because verification caused network access).

New Features

  • IRID-113: Core - Neper and Decibel Helper and Factors
  • IRID-116: Core - Sinc Function
  • IRID-111: Linear Algebra - Matrix Kronecker Tensor Product
  • RID-59: Linear Algebra - New Vector class (related to the Matrix class)
  • IRID-99: Probability Distributions - New Distribution: Skew Alpha Stable Distribution
  • IRID-108: Probability Distributions - New Distribution: F-Distribution
  • IRID-109: Probability Distributions - New Distribution: Student's-T


  • IRID-106: Linear Algebra - Cache for on-demand computations (like decompositions)

Fixed Bug

  • IRID-107: Core - Complex: Unexpected power behavior at zero
  • IRID-97: Linear Algebra - Matrix.Identity allocation bug in non-square cases
  • IRID-98: Probability Distributions - ArbitraryDistribution NextInt32 does not consider offset.


  • IRID-110: Remove Certificate Signing (cert validation causes network access)

(Migrated Comments)

Joannes Vermorel, March 31, 2008

Nice to see that new people are joining Math.NET. If I get the time, I will try to submit some Erlang-related formulas and distribution for the next release :-)

Christoph Ruegg, April 6, 2008

Thanks, I'm looking forward to it! :)