Yttrium Diagramming

There was quite a huge check-in lately on the yttrium source code repository. I've been refactoring the yttrium code base to a new microkernel based architecture (motivation: getting rid of cyclic dependencies and the high degree of complexity). The most striking change is the number of assemblies: Instead of a single dll the project is now split in multiple modules & services.

I'm also working on the diagramming frontend Whiteboard again. As you may have noticed, François is back working on Diagramming. Although he's finally moved forward towards WPF/.NET3 with his new Unfold project, he also released the older GDI+/.NET2 based Netron 3 code to the public (GPL; thanks, François!). I'm currently porting Whiteboard to the newly refactored yttrium codebase and extending the Netron code to better match the yttrium model. It looks great so far, keep in touch. Btw, I also include adjusted shapes for the new PetriNet demo package.

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Swa, March 31, 2007

When you've got something new, let me know Chris, I look forward to test your Whiteboard. The future is exciting (again).