Yttrium: the new Math.NET Symbolics architecture

Even if there was not much to be seen in the net: the Math.NET project does not stand still, on the contrary: a lot was going on in the Symbolics package during the last weeks. The new architecture which will replace the old Classic Implementation (up to "Math.NET v0.19") progresses well.

To be able to distinguish the different packages and major versions better I have introduced various unambiguous Codenames. Old Math.NET up to v0.19 is now called "Math.NET Symbolics: Classic", the current numerics package "Math.NET Numerics: Iridium", the signal processing package "Math.NET SignalProcessing: Neodym" and the new symbolic computer algebra architecture "Math.NET Symbolics: Yttrium".

Yttrium is an experimental computer algebra architecture which takes some ideas from formal hardware engineering and digital information technology and looks at abstract mathematics and algebra from another angle. More details will soon be available on the new website I've completely redesigned during the last days and have adapted, at last, to the new packages (link follows the next days here in this blog).