Christoph Rüegg

Math.NET, distributed computing and how an electrical engineer sees the world of complex software

About Me

Hi, I’m Chris, or Christoph Rüegg, from Zürich, Switzerland. On the internet I usually go by cdrnet or just cdr, my initials.

Technically I’m an electrical engineer with focus on VLSI/chip design, signal processing and everything around communication. But even before the studies I actually spent much more time in the software world and soon started my own opensource projects, like Math.NET. Naturally I shifted and extended my curriculum towards computer science and other interesting subjects like machine learning, network security or computer graphics & vision.

These days I have a lot of fun around distributed computing and number crunching in the cloud for Lokad SAS, a young yet very strong company with an awesome team distributed all over Europe. Formally I also have my own company: rü

After more than 10 years of C#, my language of choice these days is F#. I’m a member of the F# Software Foundation and strongly support its mission. Meet me at the Zurich F# Users meetup group.

If not at some computer, you might find me constructing or flying some multi-copter drone (currently a rather large one with six rotors).


  • Digital Circuit Design, VLSI
  • Distributed & Cloud Computing
  • Parallel Computing
  • Abstract Mathematics & Computer Algebra, Numerics
  • Signal Processing, Audio Effects, Computer Vision
  • Machine Learning, Classification
  • Networking and Network Security
  • Software Architecture & Engineering
  • Feedback Control Systems, Automation


  • 2 Talks on the prio.conference 2010
    On Data Storage and Computing in the Cloud using the Lokad.Cloud toolkit


  • Chiplevel interpolation-based QR optimization in MIMO decoders
    Master’s Thesis, IIS & NARI, ETH Zürich

  • Novel CIDR Route Lookup ASIC Implementation (fullcustom)
    Thesis, IIS & TIK, ETH Zürich


Experience & References

Lokad SAS, Big data analytics
Software Development and Research
Distributed & Cloud Computing, Number Crunching

Microsoft Corp, Development Center Zürich
Software Development Engineering
UC Group, Office Communicator/Lync

ewl energie wasser luzern
Software Development
Data Acquisition & Distribution

Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft (Switzerland), Swiss Army
Software Development (while serving in the army)
IMFS Beam Radio Communication Link Management

NagraVision, Kudelski Group
Software Development (Internship)